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Beyond words and images, I believe music can influence thoughts and feelings in a unique and powerful way

Here, I'll list some songs and playlists that capture the kind of person I am - or just some super cool songs

My Spotify Profile
Music: Welcome

How To Interact:

  • Open the Spotify search page (sorry not sorry Apple Music users)

    • (This is now a little ironic since I am switching to Apple Music...)​

  • Click on the camera icon next to the "Artists, songs or podcasts" text and microphone icon

  • Point your camera at whichever Spotify code you desire

  • Enjoy where it takes you!

(or at least give it a chance, most of the codes are ambiguous on purpose) 

Music: Text

My constantly rotating playlist of songs that catch my interest >
A good reflection of the variety of music I'm currently listening to >
Well... this playlist and my Lonely playlist >

Explore playlist
Music: Welcome
Music: Pro Gallery
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