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Why Do I Write?

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Intense joy. The feeling of emptiness. Contentment. Missing a friend. The peace of being alone. Too many emotions at once. I’m so often frustrated by how difficult it is to articulate the feelings and experiences of everyday life. How can you accurately describe the pain of heartbreak, or adequately express the anticipation and fear in a new opportunity? The truth is that words can’t fully express the full depth and beauty that God’s Creation holds. But just like looking out over the world from the peak of a mountain, or hugging a loved one who’s been gone for too long, well-used words have the power to capture the small glimpses of heaven we find in our daily lives - and that is why I write. I write as if words were enough to truly immortalize a feeling, to paint a memory, to reach a soul... as if words were enough to express the magnitude of our God - because sometimes words are the best we can do.

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