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Take Me Back

Take me back to climbing trees and riding scooters, to sleepovers and secret crushes and make-believe heroes

Take me back to ignorance and innocence and carefree joy. To simplicity and creativity and beauty

I know that what you have for me is beautiful too, but with growth comes pain and difficult truths. With growth comes change and loss - and strength

I'm afraid to see these people go, these faces change, these moments fade. I'm wandering. I'm struggling. Unable to move on, but unable to stay

Yet, even as I feel so completely lost

I will still praise you, my salvation and my God

This growth is your will, this loss is your plan, this difficulty is your discipline - your love felt firsthand

I'm entering uncertainty certain only of your Love

I'm reconciling my fear with the reality of your Faithfulness

I'm placing my pain in the promise of your Sovereignty

I'm standing firm on the assurance of your Holy Spirit

I have come to you broken, lost, and afraid, still pushing back against inevitable change. But in you I am healed, strengthened, and found.

And I will again praise you, my salvation and my God

- Daniel Welkener -

(some poetry I wrote a long time ago to accompany my art piece)

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1 Comment

Daniel Welkener
Daniel Welkener
Feb 11, 2021

Fun Fact: the number of characters in this post is exactly 1111

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