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"You All Looked So Happy"

Paper on Pencil - 11"x7" - May, 2021

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Silently. Sadly.

I look back on different times.

Better times? Happier days?

Bittersweet. Memories.

I wonder if all this change was for the better

Ever so often

I want to revisit the past

Without getting lost in it.

New people. Old pictures.

Sometimes they bring more sadness then comfort

Selfishly. Vainly.

I want the joy without the pain.

Hard-earned growth and deeper love.

Stinging loss. Growing up.

I guess life is lived in the middle of it all.

Maybe beauty exists in the depth of emotion, not only the heights of love.

Maybe all this change is to point us to our constant Savior.

Maybe this whole life is preparing me for something better.


"You All Looked So Happy" is the title of the picture and the accompanying poem. They are meant to capture so much more than just the subject of this specific drawing. They are meant to reflect the struggle of leaving some things behind when you move on to another chapter. They represent the reconciliation of the past with the present. They mean so much more than what I can write down.

I hope it means something to you too.

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